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Better Homes and Gardens: Tool Dictionary
Short descriptions on the use and application of each tool along with sketches.

BobVila.com: The Essential Toolbox
Review of the uses of the most common tools needed for home improvement.

Projects, product guide, tool use and tips, service centers, products, event calendar, clubs, and warranty information.

DeWalt Industrial Tools and Accessories
DEWALT is the leading manufacturer of industrial power tools including cordless power tools, woodworking tools and many other quality power tools.

Feature Library - Tools
Articles on using a variety of tools including circular saws, nail guns, and a skid-tier loader.

Flooring Tools and Carpet Supplies
The #1 source for quality flooring tools and suppies is www.tools4flooring.com - Secure online ordering.

How Stuff Works: How Nail Guns Work
If you've ever missed the nail and hit your thumb with a hammer, you understand the draw of a nail gun. And the raw power is a nice perk too. Some nail guns can launch nails at 1,400 feet per second.

How Stuff Works: Inside an Electric Screwdriver
A fascinating look inside an electric screwdriver (including a great planetary gear system)!

Ms. Builder Hand Tool Illustrations Page
Illustrations of groups of common hand tools and supplies.

This Old House: Tools, Tips and Techniques
This Old House Online is your source for expert advice on home improvement, remodeling and decorating. Ideas on everything from kitchen and bath to yard and garden. From America's first and favorite home improvement series.