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Welding and Soldering Sites

AFSCME Health and Safety Fact Sheet - Welding Hazards
Description and instructions of welding hazards.

Cole Sonafrank
Remarks on lead free stained glass soldering using the foil method and links to other stained glass and mosaic resources.

Electronic Construction Tutorial Part 1 - Tools & Soldering
Part of a larger tutorial on building ham radio equipment, this page gives the basics of soldering.

EPE "Basic Soldering Guide"
A step-by-step guide to basic soldering techniques with photos.

Index: Soldering Techniques
Outlines recommended procedures and materials for attaching leadwires to strain gage solder tabs or to bonded printed-circ

Introduction to Flamecutting
basic flamecutting process and procedure

Introduction to Soldering
Introduction to Soldering

J.W. Harris Co
J.W. Harris Co., Inc. manufactures the cleanest, purest soldering, brazing and welding alloys for metal joining, including phos/copper and silver brazing alloys for the HVACR industry.

MSN Encarta - Welding
Encarta Encyclopedia article explaining the different kinds of welding and their effects.

Ray's Welding Tutorial
Engineering and Welding supplies in Port Macquarie, Kempsey and the Hastings area, NSW, Australia

Sculptural Art Railings
e n r i q u e shows how to silver solder copper to steel to create stunning cattails for sculptural art railings.

Densely written but informative article about the basics of soldering, materials, and solder bonds.

Soldering Hints
Soldering hints, especially for clock workers, written by the British Horological Institute.

Soldering Process
Quick little course in soldering basics.

Tips from the Undergraduate laboratory, Electrical Engineering Dept., University of Pennsylvania.

Welding Fume Extractors & Fume Extraction
BPA Industrial Air Solutions features the most popular brands of industrial welding fume extraction and fume extractors.