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Thumbnail_2856Adding a Kitchen Island

When you need more space in your kitchen or a new place to eat your breakfast, think about adding a kitchen island!

Thumbnail_7066Installing Backsplashes in Your Kitchen

Add some spice to your kitchen with a charming backsplash. Backsplashes are a relatively quick and simple way to give your kitchens and bathrooms a makeover.

Thumbnail_6936Wren Kitchens – Kitchen Specialist

Wren Kitchens has 35 years' worth of experience delivering high-quality kitchen u...

Thumbnail_0099Tips for Building a Sleek Kitchen

It may be the social hub of many households but the kitchen is primarily a worksh...

Kitchen Renovation: Small Spaces

A small kitchen renovation project, detailed plans and approaches

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CMHC: Renovating Your Kitchen
The kitchen is often the most used room in the house and kitchen renovations typically have the highest financial payback. Conduct a pre-renovation inspection and prioritize the most desirable features for your new kitchen.

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Several short articles and program synopses highlighting a variety of kitchen design and decorating ideas. Includes articles on

Collection of articles, tips, and diagrams for remodeling kitchens. Topics include the kitchen triangle and work stations; demol

Kitchen Faucet
Faucet for water purifier system. Best selection of replacement filters and purification technology.

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Kitchen Remodeling - Kitchen Remodeling Secrets

Quality Water Filters
retailer of water filters from industry leaders including Aquasana, Multi-Pure, NuVola, and Sierra.

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Interiors and Sources- the magazine dedicated to critical commercial and residential interior design and architecture issues.

This Old House: Kitchens
This Old House Online is your source for expert advice on home improvement, remodeling and decorating. Ideas on everything from kitchen and bath to yard and garden. From America's first and favorite home improvement series.