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Home Window Repair of Old House

Posted in Siding over 2 years ago, 1 reply

My house is getting to be quite old. It has timber siding on it now that is definitely requiring changed. I am seeking to go with a vinyl fabric house siding for the new.

I had someone come out and look at it a few several weeks ago and he said that he would put some insulating material panel and the house siding right over the timber. Is this typical exercise or the best way to do it? I'm sure it allows insulating material it.

Right now, I need all of the help I can get with that, as I can experience the chill through the surfaces. I am considering getting stone work done where I have timber paneling in the top part of my house. Rather than just house siding. I reside in a small sized farm house, so it would add some sizing. Would that timber paneling need to come off, or can the stone be done right over it? Or getting services from American Choice a good idea.

Thanks for the help!

Re: Home Window Repair of Old House

Try to check out the services of American Choice. It's better to give all the works done by experts rather than fixing all by yourself.

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