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What to do about moss or algae on your roof

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In recent years, advancements in green roofing have made it a much more popular option. But what if your roof is green and you didn’t pay for a green roof? Moss and algae can make an otherwise attractive roof look ugly, not to mention it can cause some problems for your roof. Here are some tips for dealing with moss and/or algae.

Find out which it is

Moss and algae are two very different things. According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, moss is a plant with leaves that grows in thick clumps while mold and mildew (the most common types of algae) don’t have leaves or any kind of root system. It’s pretty easy to tell the difference if you know what you’re looking for. Algae will simply cause your roof to have black or brown streaks while moss will actually be a green plant.

While both are unsightly, only moss is something that needs to be taken care of urgently as it can actually damage your roof. Moss, unlike algae, acts like a sponge and absorbs water trapping it on the roof. This will cause that part of your roof to deteriorate much faster than it otherwise would. But even if algae is what’s causing your problems, chances are you’re still in a hurry to take care of it, if only to make your roof look nice again.

How to remove it

Unfortunately, there’s no quick way to get rid of algae or moss that won’t damage your roof. Homeowners who try to pressure wash it away or use a scrubbing brush to remove the moss or algae will be disappointed to learn that they’ve damaged their shingles in the process. The ceramic granules on the shingles that give your roof protection from UV rays will come off if you scrub or pressure wash the moss or algae.

Dealing with moss and algae takes patience. Simply mix equal parts water and household bleach and apply that to the affected areas of your roof. After 15-20 minutes, gently rinse off the area with water being careful not to use too water pressure. The bleach will kill the moss or algae but it will take time. Subsequent rains will wash away the moss or algae so there’s nothing left to do once you’ve applied the bleach solution and rinsed it off. Keep in mind that moss, especially, will take some time to go away completely and it will look worse before it gets better. As it dies it will turn a white or yellowish color.

Long term solutions

If your roof is prone to moss or algae growth, consider a long term solution. First remove any overhanging branches that create shade on your roof as that makes it easier for moss and algae to thrive. You can also install copper or zinc strips along the top of the roof ridges as this will prevent algae or moss from growing.

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Source: washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/home/how-to-remove-moss-from-an-asphalt-roof/2016/01/19/5200fc0a-b497-11e5-9388-466021d971de_story.html
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Re: What to do about moss or algae on your roof

Thank you, for sharing information. Well, truly helpful facts, Thankx again!

Re: What to do about moss or algae on your roof

Very informative post! Thanks for sharing the information. This is a common problem for many homeowners, so this tip will help many homeowners to avoid damage from algae. If a roof got damage this become serious headache to the homeowner. Mold and mildew (the most common types of algae) also causes major damage to the roof. Few days back, we got mold damage on the roof, which is a very frustrating thing. So, our neighbor suggested us to hire a home insurance claim adjuster for claiming an insurance and also to get the insurance money for repairing the damage.

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