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Customizing your Home with Tiles

Want to add some personality to your home? Customize the bathroom and the kitchen with basic tiles

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When you want to add flavor and style to your home, tile is the best way to go. Tile can be one of the most versatile additions to your space. It can add flavor and personality to just about every room in your house. Not only can tile be used to dress up your floor, it can be used to accent your countertops and walls too.

If installed properly, well-designed tile can be very effective in creating desired scenery in your home. When adding tile to your home, it important to keep in mind that your home's quality is just as important as its appearance. Understanding the basics of tile is very helpful to the homeowner when it comes to determining how much expert help is needed with selection of their tile. The variety of styles, quality, price, and other things can confuse the buyer when it comes to spending money. Hopefully this guide will aid in the process of selecting tile and getting the most for your money. There are lots of ways that you can use tile to spice up the nature of a room. Your desired look for a room can be accomplished without going outside of your budget. Simple coordination of basic tiles can create the scenery you want at a lower price than you thing. Here are just a few simple, useful methods of using tile to customize your home:

Use a combination of tiles for trimming other materials such as granite or marble
Create diagonal patterns of tile
Instead of using 12 inch "plavers" on floors, alternate and use them on your countertops
On a plastic laminate countertop near the stove or oven, position tiles to set hot pans downs
Create waterproof areas to set plants near window seats and ledges
Contrast color schemes throughout your home with the tile trims and backsplashes
Alternate bathroom tile colors on the counter and in the shower
Create a mural of tiles behind the cooktop in your kitchen to attract attention. Surrond the mural with finger tiles to contrast color. Continue the line of color in other sections of the kitchen including the sink
Alternate two complementary colors with a third neutral color in the background.
Look in your area for shops that customize hand-painted artwork onto your tile. Artwork on your tile can really give your house a much desired look with bright murals and colorful coordination.

After you have made choices on designs and color schemes of your tiles, the next step is installation. Though it easy to customize your home at an inexpensive price, installation should not be done at a cheap price. There is nothing worse than a bad tile job. Not only is not good appearance-wise, bad tile installation can also cause problems that have negative effects. These effects can range anywhere from water running into low spots to cracks in tile to a wavy-looking base. Before choosing a professional to install your tile, you should first look over samples of the setter's work. You should compare bids among tile setter's that show samples that are exceptional to you. To make sure your money is well-spent, look over estimates given by the contractor making sure prices reflect upon factors like installation methods and the quality and type of tile.

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