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Deck Hot Tubs

Add even more space and comfort to your deck with a relaxing hot tub

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While adding a deck outside your home, you can make your home a lot more comfortable and extensive during the summer. To make your deck more comfortable even during the cooler months, you can add a spa or a hot tub to your deck.

Adding a spa or hot tub to your deck space requires that you keep the proper precisions in mind. You should pay attention to the electrical needs and plumbing needed in your deck plans. Your deck design should be altered with extra framing to support your spa or tub device, water, and the occupants of your spa.

Adding a hot tub can create a warm, creative setting on the design of your deck. Here are a couple of creative ideas for addition of a hot tub or spa on your deck:

Create a private setting
To create a private, warm setting around your deck, install privacy screens to block out your surroundings. You can also consider building your tub within the surface of the deck to stay out of sight of neighbors.

Build seating in and around the spa
By building benches or seating near or inside the spa area, you add more space for people to hang out. This also creates a comfortable setting for guests.

Adding a shelter for your spa
Adding a gazebo-type structure to your spa will allow for use of your spa on warmer days without the sun becoming too hot for you and your guests. The shelter will protect you from elements of weather like rain and the hot sun.

Adding plexiglass to your shelter will screen wind from ruining your spa experience and will also not block your view. Make sure to make adequate preparations for installing plexiglass around your tub.

Take precaution to protect children
When you have children, it is important that you take proper action to install your tub where it will not be accessible to small children. To prevent any accidents, it is best to risk your privacy from neighbors and elevate your spa and build it in a visible area.

Add proper lighting to your hot tub
Installing the proper, soft lighting near your tub will allow you to navigate around your spa area and enjoy the sky without too much lighting at the same time.


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