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Building Backyard Patios

Build that patio you want with this do-it-yourself guide to pavers

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For most homeowners, it is important to have a suitable backyard foundation with space for a barbeque grill, tables, and chairs for those special family events. With this guide, you will be able to create your own patio area. (Pavers are interlocking concrete pavements used in paving applications)

Paving Materials
With the large variety of pavers that are available in stores, you can create any desired scenery. Pavers can be bought in many sizes, shapes, and materials so make sure to do careful shopping at local brick suppliers before making a final choice. When shopping for your pavers, be sure to choose brick pavers that are designed for this type of work. They are different from other pavers because they are designed for sand to sift between one another through the small ribs on their edges.

Preparation of the Area
Before any work can be done, your area should be cleared and leveled properly to be paved. You need to remove any plant matter immediately and in some cases treat the area with weed killer. Grade the ground to create a small downward slope toward the direction in which you want water to flow, to ensure water runs off of the paved area and not toward the home. Next, pack down the soil firmly manually before paving. Paving after rain has packed the soil down will decrease the work you have to do.

Patio Layout
You should now do the work to define the area in which you will place the pavers. An easy way to do this is to purchase either treated lumber or flexible plastic edging to take care of this. Next, use the lumber or plastic edging to stake in the area and create a perimeter form around the work area. Apply about one to three inches of sand inside the perimeter. Level the sand in the perimeter, using a screed board made from a straight 2x4 of lumber. Nail scraps of wood on opposite ends of the 2x4 lumber at equal heights from the bottom. As you drag the screed board across the space, the scraps will drag on the sand and keep it at an equal level.

Laying the Pavers
It's now time to start laying pavers on your patio area. In the process of laying the pavers, you can pretty much arrange the bricks in any design or pattern you want. Be sure that while you are laying the pavers, you keep the pavers tight together using the small ribs mentioned earlier. The small ribs keep the pavers tight together and at the same time allow for sand to fit through. After you have completed the laying of the bricks, you know spread sand over the whole area, working it into the rib spaces with a broom. You will most likely have to apply more sand to the bricks in this manner, since walking and water can cause the first application of sand to settle into gaps. Using sand in the place of concrete, like this, can be easier, less expensive and a much more attractive method. Since sand is not sold, alterations can be made to your patio area as needed and draining takes place easier than with concrete.

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