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Build a Backyard Fish Pond for Koi or Water Gardens

Build a backyard pond with this simple do-it-yourself method

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If your yard is big enough and the ground is not frozen or too wet, you can install a fish pond in your backyard. When using a pre-formed liner, you should begin by digging a hole that fits the depth of the liner and is a little wider than the liner. Next, you should insert the liner into the hole, ensuring that it is level and placed securely in the ground. After the liner is secured, the water, pump, and plants should be added to your pond. One option of installing your pond is using a PVC liner. This option will take about a weekend to complete landscaping and installation.

How to install your pond using a PVC liner

1. Firstly, you should choose a good location for your pond.
2. You should then use a rope or a hose to map out the shape of the pond on the ground.
3. When you have decided upon a good location and shape for your pond, you can finally begin digging your hole. As you dig, you should save the topsoil in a separate area for landscaping your pond later.
4. When digging, be sure to keep in mind that your pond should be at least 18 to 24 inches deep. The deeper your pond is, the more diverse the plants and fish that populate the water. Plan for part of your pond being at least 18 to 24 inches deep; 24 to 36 inches is even better. If you plan on adding pots of aquatic plants in your pond, you should prepare by making tiers at different depths inside the pond. The tiers should be about 1 foot wide to hold the plants.
5. You should then take the time to remove any rocks that are inside the hole. This is a very tedious job and will take a while.
6. In addition to removal of the rocks, a one-inch layer of sand should be spread on the bottom of the hole. This will help prevent any punctures in the plastic of the liner
7. You can now spread your PVC liner over the hole, letting it sag gently inside. To hold the liner in place, heavy rocks or bricks should be placed on the edges.
8. Next, being to slowly fill your pond up with water. The water will weigh down on the liner and smooth it out. Next, remove the rocks or bricks that are weighing down the edges of the liner. Smooth out the wrinkles of the liner, without pulling too tightly.
9. To hold the liner in place, place rocks around the edges of the pond.
10. If your pond will have a pump and filter, they should be installed now. Some pumps come with a built-in filter, while larger pools should have a separate pump and filter. Pick the pump and filter for your pond, according to the size of your pool. Adding a pump to your pond is helpful in adding oxygen to the water in the pond. Pumps are also necessary for extras that you may want in your pond, such as fountains and waterfalls which need water circulation.
11. Before adding any plant or fish life such as koi to the pond, your pond should sit for a few days while the chlorine evaporates from the water. You can also use certain chemicals to neutralize chlorine and other compounds that may harm fish and plants.
12. Finally, you can complete your pond by adding water garden plants and fish to the water.

Fish pond to buy

I'm looking for fish pond to buy aprox. 2.5'x5 feet free form eight firm. If you have it please call at my phone: 516-395-5678
Thank you

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