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Glamorene carpet cleaner

Posted in Carpet Cleaning - Dry Powder over 9 years ago, 7 replies

Where can I purchase Glamorene dry carpet cleaner?

Also looking for Glamorene

I am wondering if you ever found Glamorene? I have been looking for it as well, to no avail. I had my carpets cleaned professionally about 10 years ago or so and they were cleaned with what looked like glamorene.. didn'nt think to ask about it at the time but wish I had. Am wondering if the granules are as effective?


I would like to know where I can purchase GLAMORENE DRY CARPET CLEANER in Traverse City, or by mail.

Where is Glamorene?

Please if anyone knows what Glamorene is now called or if there is a product comparable to Glamorene please ,please let me know. It was like wet sand, you sprinkeled it on, brushed it in...let it dry and va va voom! Clean carpet, nice smell, done deal.

Glamorene Dry Rug Cleaner

I have been searching for a Glamorene dry cleaner for rugs. It came in a large glass jar and the product looked like sawdust and had a wet solvent mixed into it. You rubbed it in t0 the carpet ...let it dry and vacumned it up. I know it exists but can't seem to locate a seller.Thanks for your help.


Kate Manson



Is glamorene still on the market? Ihave looked but can't find it anywhere. Can anyone help?




I just found an old jar of it down in my parents basent and will look on the label to see where you can get it and will let you know soon

Re: Glamorene carpet cleaner

From all that I've read, Glamorene is no longer available.

Similar items are:

ZORB, distributed by Dyson (the vacuum cleaner people)

HOST, sold by independent vacuum cleaner stores (I googled HOST and found a dealer near my house in Orange, CO. California.

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