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Frozen Electrical Line on top of pipe??

Posted in Chats and Forums over 13 years ago, 1 reply

I have an electrical line that runs on top of an insulated pipe that that is covered with ice almost the full length of it. It has a continuous drip from one end of the room to the other in our basement. The pipe doesn't seem frozen as our water preasure is fine and the pipe is thickly insulated. The air temperature in the room stays at about 67. Please advise as our daughter lives in the basement and her things are getting ruined.


Dave in Twinsburg OH

Possible condensation or leak

What type of pipe is it?
You may have condensation going on here, or a leak on the outside of the wall and the water is following the line in. How's the water pressure if it is a water line? In otherwords does the water meter keep running even with no water on in the house?

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