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How to remove strong fuel oil smell from a tank spill in a house

Posted in Removing Fuel Oil Odors over 12 years ago, 2 replies

Unbeknownst to me, I bought my first house that had had a severe fuel oil spill 5 years prior to my puchasing it. The owners at the time were remodeling the house and had changed the oil furnance to an electric one. In the process they had the oil tank removed, and before cutting the fuel lines that ran from the tank and into and outside of the house, they neglected to check the tank for oil. This resulted in a 3/4 of tank of fuel oil to leak into and outside of the house. The leakage apparently was not discovered until the owners returned to the house the next day. These people did not have the spill professionally cleaned. They attempted to clean the spill themselves and have failed miserably. 5 years after the spill took place we are constantly living with fuel oil odors. I have replaced all of the flooring and have used a chemical called PetroClean on the interior walls but those efforts have not reduced the odors whatsoever. What do I need to do to eliminate the fuel oil odors in my home short of tearing the house down? My house is a small 900 sf. ranch style on a slab. I appreciate any advise you can give me. Thank you, Wendy Vance

Try ZorbX

Try ZorbX.

I had soaked the barn board panels in my living room with Formby’s Lemon Oil Treatment. I awoke the next morning, having a bad reaction to the smell/odors. It made me sick.

I have had to spray the ZorbX 2-3 times, but it is working and the smell is diminishing to where I can tolerate it. I’ll be spraying again, but now believe I’ll be able to get rid of the smell. (The oil treatment had really soaked into the wood.)

I hope this helps. They make a cleaner and have an unscented odor eliminator, too.

Oil Spill

Did you resolve the problem? I had a similar one and was told today to try step 1 step 2 solution you can purchase at home depot. it is what oil companies use to remove oil smells and oil stains- it is supposed to neutralize it

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