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How to Plant a Rosebush : Beautifying Your Home from the Ground Up

Planting a rosebush can do wonders for improving an ordinary landscape. By following just five steps, you too can have a beautiful, flourishing rosebush planted in your yard.

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At this very moment, rooted in soils all over the world, are budding prospects of beauty waiting to make their debut and add charm and fragrance to a landscape. What could these prospects be? Why rosebushes, of course.

Like beautifully elegant socialites attending a garden party, rosebushes are the main attraction when added to any landscape. They are vivid, perfumed, and as diverse as the species of flowers itself. From the popular floribunda roses to the equally popular ramblers, roses have the unique ability of conveying strong sentiments to all those who lay eyes on them. So why not bring a little of this rosy disposition to your landscape and home.

Things You Will Need:

Bare-root rosebush
Peat moss, compost or other organic matter
Loose soil
Shovel or spade
Pruning shears
Watering can
Plastic tarp
Pruning Paint

Steps to Planting a Rosebush

Step 1: Finding the Right Site

Find the right site by considering that your bare-root rosebush will thrive on no less than 6 hours of sun each day. Pick a site that gives your rosebush ample sunlight and allows for good drainage. In addition, if you live in a hot climate make sure that you plant your rosebush where it will receive a bit of afternoon shade.

Step 2: Pre-soak Bushes

Pre-soak your bare-root rosebushes in a water pail at least 24 hours prior to planting.

Step 3: The Hole

Dig your hole wide enough and deep enough so that your rosebush's root system will have enough room to grow. This whole should be about 18 inches wide and deep. Then shovel some soil onto the tarp, mix in peat moss or some other form of compost and bonemeal, and then use this mixture to make a mound at the bottom of your hole.

Step 3: Pruning

Using your pruning shears, remove any dead or broken roots from your rosebush. Then carefully spread out the roots of the rosebush and place it over the mound you made in Step 2. The bud union, or crown should be planted at soil level if you live in temperate climates and 1-2 inches below soil level if in cold ones.
Note: Space most roses at least 2 feet apart; some large shrubs require 6 feet of room.

Step 4: Pack the Soil

Shovel in extra soil around the rosebush. Next, gently firm the soil around the roots of the rosebush. Water the hole then allow it to drain. Once all the water is soaked in, water the hole again. Repeat once more. The desired result is to have the backfill at soil level.

Note: If the hole does not drain in 2 hours or less, move the rosebush to a different site, add more mulch and peat moss to the soil, or make a raised bed.

Step 5: The Finishing Touches

After planting your rosebush, prune it. If they are floribundas prune them 4 inches to 6 inches back. Clip hybrid tea roses back approximately 6 inches to 8 inches. The finishing touch is spraying them with pruning paint, which will help to protect them against insects and damage from diseases such as fungal diseases like blackspot and rust.

Just remember: Roses, particularly when young, require ample amounts of water. Once a week, slowly soak the roots with about 1 inch of water.

The Rosy Rewards

Growing rosebushes can be an easy and gratifying task. The key ingredient to successfully growing a rosebush is location, location, location. If you've got sun, water and some soil at your disposal, chances are your rosebushes will thrive into those stunning landscape additions that all are sure to admire. But just like anything else, the more gardening know-how and information you have the more likely you are to produce your desired result. And then you will have a beautiful garden where you can take the time to stop and smell the, well, you know.

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