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Contemporary Bedding Ensembles

Contemporary bedding, find out what contemporary is and where you can find it

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When shopping for new bedding ensembles for your home many retailers will refer to their product lines as Contemporary. Contemporary bedding itself doesn't really have a concrete definition. Often the definition will vary depending on who you ask, and even when you ask them. Like the clothing industry, bedding fashions change over time and a pattern or style which today falls under "contemporary" or "modern" may very well be considered under a different heading in the future. In this article we will discuss three of the major bedding manufacturers and what styles in their lines are currently considered contemporary.

Contemporary bedding offered by Dakotah represents Dakotah's usual fine fabrics and clean linear designs. Using simple color palettes and sleek minimalist design features make Dakotah bedding a very elegant choice. Some of their current bedding ensembles include:

Aurora - Features an abstract wave pattern in the season's hottest color combination, mocha and sky blue.

Metrotech - Combines a clean stripe pattern with warm honey tones for a look that is simple and chic.

Odyssey - Combines classic black silk shantung with stylish metallic shades of gold and copper.

Thomasville Contemporary Ensembles follow Thomasville's usual approach to creating fine bedding that is versatile and diverse. Thomasville offers their bedding a la carte so creating an ensemble which fits your lifestyle, price range and personal preference is easy. Thomasville designs are described as artistically abstract, using bright color palettes and detailed accessories. Their current contemporary line includes these designs:

Altessa - A beautiful abstract swirl pattern using rich earth tones with gold shantung accents.

Coronado - A modern take on art deco, using bold patterns with accessories that add a bright pop of color.

Pavilion - takes its cue from the bohemian trend, using patchwork patterns in soothing shades of sky and parchment.

Veratex, yet another fine bedding manufacturer, is well known for their modern sense of style. Veratex contemporary ensembles are inspired by rich designs found in cultures throughout the world. Three of their ensembles which stand out as contemporary design are:

Waterlily and Dynasties - both inspired by Asian design, using clean lines, solid colors, and simple blocked patterns.

Serrano - inspired by designs of the Southwest. This classic stripe pattern combines earth tones with a bold shade of orange spice.

These are some of the key styles that current manufacturers are offering as contemporary. What ties all of these designs together are sleek lines, natural color palettes and either abstract or geometric patterns. Usually a modern look will include a clean lined, tailored bed skirt as opposed to the classic ruffled bed skirt.

At AJ MOSS, we carry a diverse selection of contemporary bedding styles, which reflect the ever changing fashions of modern society. Each of our vendors offers a unique perspective on contemporary style. Please call us toll free at 877-862-1270 if you want more information on bedding designs or for purchasing information. Our helpful and experienced staff will be happy to help you select the look that is right for your home.


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