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driveway sealing

Posted in Driveways over 13 years ago, 0 replies

I am a member of my condo board here in Fort Myers Fl and we are having a discussion regarding the sealing of our roads and parking areas. The paving(black top) was done two years ago and needs to be sealed. We are looking at Cold Tar and a Chemical rejuvenation process. Is there a benefit one verse the other. The cold tar bid is nearly $5,000 less they the Rejuvenation. There is a difference in the finish, shiny verses matte but I am interested in the long term wear and tear. There is no sever driving done on the roads but we do get a lot of rain over the summer. there are cracks already which need to be sealed, there is an issue of tracking? and the inclusion of sand with the cold tar which seems to me to add a problem when the sand wears down??
Any info would be helpful
Of course the parties invloved both state their process is the best, but we are in a situation, as we all are these days, that demands we get the best for the least unless the least is crap??

Thanks for any help you can send my way

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