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Posted in Restoration over 12 years ago, 1 reply

I just had my windows replaced. I chose Marvin windows in a bronze aluminum finish. My house was built in 1953 and the sand textured stucco was painted over many times. The stucco patch is unlikely going to match the old one...The old stucco doesn't need major repair but the paint is peeling and it needs at least a good paint makeover. So this is my question. What are my options is I want to make a major difference in the exterior aspect of my home? I was told sandblasting and a stucco skim coat were my options.(i'm worried about the cost even though my house is only 1100 square feet). Another person mentioned a fog like finish...

* I'm looking for a smooth texture (if it is cheaper to keep the sand texture, I do not mind)
* The window project, since I didn't pick retrofit , took a big portion of my budget, so cost is an issue
* I'm just looking to improve the exterior overall with a dark earthtone color and want to make sure the stucco patch won't show.

I can really use the help :) Thanks for listening!


I have a quastion


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