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How to clean a portable Dishwasher

Posted in Cleaning Dishwashers over 12 years ago, 1 reply

My husband and I have a portable dishwasher. The kind that you hook up to the kitchen sink. Now, when we go to load up and wash some dishes, the dishes come out dirty. They get food particals on them, now I know that I prewash the dishes to where there are NO food particals on them. I was thinking that there is something inside the dishwasher that collects food? And if there is, how do I go about cleaning it out, and do you think that this would help out with our problem. If you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Check Owners Manual

Hi there,


I also have a portable dishwasher. I checked my owners manual and it gave me tips on how to clean. Check yours over. If you dont have the manual you can go on the website and type in your model number.

IE. Whirlpool, the model number...Good Luck.


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