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Extension Ladder Safety Tips

Extension Ladder Safety Tips

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Extension Ladder Safety Tips:

Tip: Do not attempt extension ladder work when wind or when other weather conditions make it unsafe to the worker, property or public.

Tip: Be extremely cautious when working around overhead energized electrical lines. A minimum safe distance is no less than 10 feet or 3 meters.

Ladder Pitch: The horizontal distance from its top support point to the foot of the ladder is 1/4 of the unsupported length of the ladder. Or, equal to 75 degree angle at level grade, i.e.. (ladder is extended 28' feet, it's base should be 7' feet from the building).

Tip: Do not stand above highest "safe standing level" prescribed by ladder's manufacturer, i.e.. (above top three rungs).

Tip: Do not extend the center of your body's torso past either side rail of ladder, i.e.. (do not over reach).

Tip: Keep atleast 3 points of contact when working, i.e.. (your feet and 1 hand).

Tip: Face ladder while ascending and descending.

Tip: Don't carry tools in hand, use a window cleaner's tool belt, or belt designed for the ladder work to be accomplished.

Tip: Wear proper footwear with non-slip soles.

Tip: Never leave erected ladder unattended.

Tip: Secure ladders placed in areas such as passageways, doorways, or driveways, or where they can be displaced by workplace activities or traffic to prevent accidental movement. Or, use a barricade to keep traffic or activity away from the ladder.

Learn More at: http://www.freewindowcleaningtips.com/extension-ladder-safety.htm

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