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Kitchen Renovation: Small Spaces

A small kitchen renovation project, detailed plans and approaches

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Small Kitchen Renovations

This is the documentation of our Kitchen renovation. Our Kitchen is less than 70 Square Feet.

It is a typical Galley Kitchen in a small condo unit in Ottawa.

See the progess as we change this storage challenged kitchen into a cleaner, more accessable kitchen, with the addition of a dishwasher.

Design was the longest and most critical of the tasks we undertook in this small kitchen project.

Our concerns were:

  • cabinet space

  • counter space

  • adding a dishwasher

  • improving lighting

  • keeping costs down

  • adding to the value of the condo unit

Cabinet space

We were limited in cabinet space, especially reachable cabinet space, we had spots above our sink that were unreachable. Spots above our refridgerator that we unreachable. We also had no cabinets to the one side of our range (stove). So this meant that pot handles were always turned in, and we really only uses half of the range top.

Our cabinet were also made of press board, ( MDF) which over time had gotten wet (it's a kitchen you know). And the cabinet doors were sticking because of the swelling, and some shelves were bending under the loads.

Counter Space

We lacked counter space, it part because we keep items on the counter top, because of lack of cabinet space. And because we had an older microwave on the counter, it was the only place it would fit.

The counter space was also boxed in at the end, the square ends took away 2 inches, of counter space, but also dated the kitchen to the 80's when this was more popular.

The colour of marble yellow and white, limited the colour options in the space.

Adding a dishwasher

We really wanted to add a dishwasher. We also thought this would add to the value of the unit, when it comes time to sell.

Improving lighting

The kitchen is in a windowless corner of the condo. The ceiling and over the range lightes we all we had. When on they were sufficient, but when off the kitchen looked like a dark whole.

Keeping costs down

We had the goal to keep costs down. We live in a condo and are not made of money. We considered doing all the work ourselves, we did complete most. We searched for deals were appropriate and selected quality that was appropriate for the condo.

Adding to the value of the unit

We we given some pretty good guidelines ahead of time. In general for condo, do not spend more than 10% of condo value on the kitchen, you will not get then value out of it when you sell.

Use materials that people like and that are easy to maintain.

Spend more on the items that you will take with you. The movable appliances. For this reason, I do not discuss appliances on this website.

Read more at http://dan.loftus.googlepages.com


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