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Scenting Your Home

How to choose a candle that fits your home

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Candles are not just for romantic dinners anymore. They have made a gigantic leap into popularity in the past few years. Sure, they add ambiance to a special occasion, but they are more than that. They can help you unwind at the end of a hectic day or they can dance brightly on a happy occasion. They can fit any mood that life may throw at you. Not only that, but they are an important home decoration, just like a lamp or a rug would be. They speak volumes about who you are and things you like.

The fragrance of a candle is the most obvious factor in your candle buying decision-making. What do you want your home to smell like? Perhaps a home-cooked dessert? Maybe a bush full of blooming flowers? Maybe you prefer the ocean breeze or a cup of fruit? Whatever tickles your nose is now available. If you can dream it, there is probably already a candle made in that scent. Candles are an easy and effective way to help keep your house smelling great. It masks the normal odors you may have of dust, garbage, or pets. However, you should not light too many candles at home at the same time. This can cause the smell to become overpowering and you could end up with a headache from the various fumes. Put one candle in every 3 or 4 rooms, depending on the size of your home. A little hint of a candle smells good, an overwhelming stench does not. Also, when lighting multiple candles, make sure that either they are all the same fragrance, or at least some of them are unscented. A myriad of fragrances in your home may conflict with one another and produce an undesirable effect. If you would like a cluster of candles such as to make up a centerpiece or to put a few in a row on your mantle, consider getting unscented candles of the same color. This will give you uniformity but will not overpower your home with the fragrance.

In addition to fragrance, you can choose the style of candle you would like. It is easy to find all different quirky styles of candles in novelty shops. The can give spunk to your home and are fun decorative tools, especially if you have children, or have a common theme in your house. (My mom for instance, decorated our living room with pictures and trinkets in the shape of horses). However, most people burn simple, every day candles. Probably the most common type is the jar candle. This is the typical sort of candle that Yankee Candle popularized that you see in most homes. It is desirable because the flame is contained within the jar for safety so there is a less of a child burning his/her hand on it. Also, they come with a cap for easy storage when not in use. In addition, you can make it your own style by buying mini lampshades for them, which gives the appearance of a cute little lamp.

Another popular choice are taper candles. These are what most people picture in their heads when someone says “candle”. These are the ones that are used for those romantic home-cooked dinners for two. They are long and slender and burn without smoking or dripping. They symbolize love and elegance. There are tea candles which are very small and are perfect for simmering potpourri. Also, floating candles which add beauty to centerpieces and events such as weddings. They are small and dainty, and do not have long burning times.

Candle shopping can be great fun because it gives you a chance to explore. Try experimenting with various shapes and fragrances. Mix and match different shapes of the same fragrance for diversity in your home. Once you have all these new candles, here are some tips on keeping them looking perfect. 1) Keep them out of direct sunlight. Sunlight is harmful to candles and will make the color of the wax fade over time. . 2) Refrigerate your candles so that they will burn more slowly and evenly. 3) Trim the wicks to ¼” and make sure they are centered before lighting them. Doing so will ensure an even melting.

The possibilities of candles are practically endless. Whether you want to set a romantic mood, relax in the bath, or liven up a party, there is the perfect candle out there for you. You can buy them in bulk. They don’t go bad, and as long as they are stored in a dark, damp place, you can always have some on hand. Or you can buy them as you need them, floating along with whatever mood you happen to be in that day. No matter what style of candle you decide to go with, it will make an endearing and comforting addition to your home.


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