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Dryer: timer works, door switch ok, wont turn on

Posted in Home Appliance Help over 11 years ago, 1 reply

I have a Kenmore dryer. Problem started intermitantly. The dryer would just shut-off in mid cycle while the timer was working properly. Now it won't start at all. I set the knob to the desired cycle, make sure the door closed (i can hear the timer start at ths point) and hit the start button, but nothing happens.

Door switch seems o.k, it's open and closed when it ought to be. I have checked its continuity from the switch all the wayy back to the nuetral wire at the plug and that checks out ok too, plus depressing it lets the timer run.

I have 220 from left to right tap and 110 from the center tap to either at the end of the pigtail. All connections @ pigtail are solid.

I have continuity thru all the fused links i could find. Although i could not get to the motor to check for fuses there.

Working off the print, specifically the timer switch / timer position legend, it seemed that certain switches were opened that should be closed and vice versa, but i found voltage while looking for resistance and blew the fuse in my meter and had to stop.

The timer dial still feels like a new one (it doesn't have the feel of something that is broken).

I thought i should try to jumper the start stop switch, but the print was a little unclear and didn't want to take a chance of burning up the timer if i jumped something incorrectly. Schematic shows one blk, one wht, and one wht/red. Start button physically has one blk, 2 wht/reds and two tans (tans i think are for buzzer).





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