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Art on Your Kitchen Wall...

Mouthwatering images inspire exceptional recipes.

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Many homeowners have never considered placing anything on their kitchen walls other than a clock and a full rack of expensive pots and pans. After all, kitchens are designed for functions that include steam, oils, and special machinery. Good art can be ruined by being too close to a pot of steaming broth. However, these problems should not keep you from enjoying the inspiration that can come from beautiful art.


Daydreaming is often part of my kitchen activities. While chopping carrots on Sunday afternoon, I was remembering my last visit to Paris and the street market near Blvd, St. Germaine.  The fresh produce laid out on tables creates a collage of rich colors and the dark blue clothing of the vendors is the same that has been worn for hundreds of years.


At lunch later that day, I mentioned the Paris memories to friend of mine who is a photographer.  We discussed the many wonderful travel stories and meals we have shared in faraway locales. Two weeks later he appeared at my door with a large envelop under his arm. In it was a beautiful print of a Paris street scene. How could I resist framing the print and hanging it in my kitchen? Since then I have added many mouth watering images that inspire dishes based on favorite ingredients from Morocco, France, and Thailand.


Step by Step project:

  • Stand at the counter where you work at most often.
  • Think of what you love, comfort foods, favorite spices, ingredients, etc…
  • Look for the spaces on the wall that are not occupied by cabinets or equipment.
  • Measure the sizes of the spaces and write them on a note card.
  • Its time to go shopping for the kind of art that suites your taste (pun intended).


Finding Images:

Shopping for images is easy at local frame shops and galleries. Or you can choose from the many websites that feature art and quick delivery times. The array of images is astounding but be sure to read about the quality of paper they are printed on. Be sure to order only work on archival quality paper or after even a few months you may see colors fading.

Tips for Display:

Consider the style of your kitchen cabinets (color, materials, etc.) when framing your pieces.  Art that is displayed in an environment with dampness and fluctuating temperatures needs special framing. Tell the framer that the piece is going into a room with humidity so that they can use the right materials. If you are framing the images be sure to seal the back of the finished piece with a cardboard section, wax paper with another paper on top. Glue this around the edges and you won’t have to worry about warping or water damage of any kind.

Finally, consider extending the kitchen art into the dining room where the images will prepare the tiny taste buds of your family and guests for your newly inspired creations.


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