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Direct wiring an electrical device to an outlet

Posted in Electrical over 10 years ago, 0 replies

I have a powered air exchanger mounted high on the wall of one of the rooms of my home. It is intended to move air out of the house through a series of baffles. I don't really need this device, but it would be an expensive proposition to take it out of the wall and to close off the outside vent.

The air exchanger uses an ordinary electrical cord and plug, and there is an electrical outlet in the wall, about five feet above the floot.

What I would like to do is cover over the electrical outlet with a framed piece of art.

Question: can I directly wire the air exchanger to the electrical outlet? (The air exchanger has its own on-off switch.)

The way I envision it would be to remove the outlet (not needed for any other purpose) and cut off the plug from the air exchanger wire. I would connect the two wires from the air exchanger to the two wires that power the outlet. Then I would cover the box with a flat plate.

I know this will work. Does it pose any electrical threat to the home?

Thank you.


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