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oak end tables with smoked glass tops

Posted in Interior Design over 11 years ago, 0 replies

I have completely remodeled my home.

beautiful granite countertops and slate floors.

my style is fairly traditional but eclectic, with a touch of "old world". I have purchased wrought iron sconces and light fixtures.

my dilema is what to keep from the old stuff!! I just bought rich chocolate leather couch and love seat and I'm looking for an upholstered chair to go with that. We have this old but high quality natural oak tables with glass inserts on top that my husband doesn't want to replace...

the rooms all have cherry crown molding and chair rail. are you getting the picture?? will these tables still fit?? we have a coffe table a couch table and 2 end tables. they're oval shape.

I won't have oak on anything else in the house... can I still keep these tables and not have them look out of place??


thanks, Marta






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