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How to Caulk a Tub

Posted in Bathroom Remodeling over 11 years ago, 0 replies

You may be surprised to discover just how easy it can be to caulk your bathtub. This is actually something that you can save yourself money on by doing it yourself. If you want to save yourself approximately $100 by caulking your own bathtub, here are the steps that you will need to take:

Step 1. Start by lightly scraping the old caulking off. You may want to use painter’s tape in order to make clean lines whenever your project is finished. To apply this tape you will want to start at the long vertical seams of your tub. This will need to be done on all of your vertical seams. It should also be applied to the bottom perimeter of your tub. You will need to use a piece of 3/8-inch tape in the corners so that you can give it a “rounded” look. A combination of small hand tools will also be useful whenever it comes to removing the old caulking.

Step 2. Whenever possible, grab a hold of a section of the caulking and slowly pull off a large piece of it at one time. In order to do this you will need to first use the chisel in order to break the damaged caulking loose. It is best to use the chisel because it will not damage your tub’s finishing. Make sure that you only apply light pressure and that you are careful whenever you are doing any scraping. The caulking should come off fairly easily though.

Step 3. Once all of the caulking is completely off of your tub and its walls you can use a utility knife at a flat angle to clear any residual caulking off of the tub. After you do this, take a razor blade to make sure that all of the caulking is completely cleaned off of the area. You should also sweep or vacuum up any loose debris that still remains.

Step 4. Now it is time to load your caulking gun. Once it is loaded you will want to cut the tip off of your caulk and puncture its inner bag with something similar to a metal coat hanger in order to release the product. Make sure that you are holding the caulking gun at a 45-degree angle. You can then start to do the caulking. Whenever you do, make sure that you go upwards vertically with a steady bead. At the top you will want to press the caulk gun’s release button because otherwise the caulk will continue oozing out.

You can then move on to do the base of your tub. Whenever you reach the top of your vertical runs you will want to use the steady pressure of your finger to set the caulk. If you should happen to get too much caulk on your finger, simply wipe it off on an old towel. Continue to do this with the entire shower until the job is completed. Just make sure that you remove and discard of all of the tape before the caulk has time to set.
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