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Home Improvement Tips that Can Improve Your Insurance Premiums

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If you are considering renovating or updating your home it is worth looking in to and incorporating upgrades that will also help you to save money on your home insurance. In fact, even if you don't have any upcoming work planned, making the below changes to your home are worth investing in alone, simply for the money that you will save in the long run on your insurance costs.

1. Install a burglar alarm

Having a burglar alarm attached to your property will automatically reduce your insurance premium as will adding a deadbolt lock to your doors. Sophisticated security systems will attract the best discounts of all - it's worth calling different home insurance providers to see exactly how much you will save first, so that you can offset this against the cost of the security.

2. Fit double-glazed windows

If you don't already have double-glazing windows and doors then invest in them now - the added security that double-glazing provides results in money off your insurance bills. They are also much better for the environment as they retain more heat in the home and so will also help to reduce your utility bills as well.

3. Upgrade your homes electricity and plumbing wiring

This is another measure that will be rewarded with significant discounts off your insurance bills. For safety reasons it also a good idea to have them updated every 10 years anyway.

4. Install smoke alarms

Every home should have smoke detectors as they can help to save lives in the case of a fire, so if you are without these then installing them is a simple home improvement measure that can be made immediately and cheaply. Furthermore, being without smoke alarms can raise your insurance premium and so having them fitted will save you money.

5. Updating your heating system

Old radiators, as well as losing efficiency and therefore adding to heating bills, can also be a drain on your insurance premium. Newer radiators may help to reduce the cost of your home insurance.

6. Correcting structural damage

If your home has any structural damage, even if it is creating no immediate impact to the property, it will add money to your insurance bill. Get this fixed before adding any cosmetic improvements as it will lower your premium. Structural damage may also make your home difficult to sell which should be an added incentive to get the problems corrected.

7. Fix your roof

If your roof has any damage to it, through holes, leaks or general wear and tear then this may also be a drain on your insurance. Opting for a roof cover that is designed to withstand severe weather and help protect the roof will afford you insurance discounts.

Once you have made these money-saving changes to your home you should then spend time getting new insurance quotes. The impartial Money Advice Service is a useful website that will give you tips on where to find an insurance provider and what to look for when choosing one.

Whilst doing so it is worth going online to find quotes. Insurance companies such as Can Can Cover can give you a comparison quote on your existing home insurance, whilst taking in to account your home improvements.
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