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Wren Kitchens – Kitchen Specialist

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Wren Kitchens has 35 years' worth of experience delivering high-quality kitchen units in the UK and US, and is the fastest growing designer and manufacturer of fully assembled kitchen cabinets in Britain. Complementing cutting-edge production facilities and 27 showrooms across the UK is the online service; more than £200 million worth of sales are generated for the firm through Ebuyer.com each year.
At the heart of Wren's service is the understanding that, for the homeowner, remodelling and refitting a kitchen can seem daunting. Colours may seem like good combinations or styles may seem complementary, but it can be difficult to be certain - especially when parting with so much cash.

Wren provides tools designed to help make the planning process easier, including a 3D kitchen planner which allows you to see a visual representation of exactly how new units will look when correctly arranged in your kitchen. The Cost Estimator sheets, meanwhile, will help you draw up an accurate budget for the work and avoid overspends. Wren also allows you to book a free home-measure appointment. For people with unusually shaped kitchens this is a very valuable service, as a mis-measured space can result in units that are too small and compromise the desired effect, or too big, resulting in the need for costly replacement. The home measure puts the responsibility for finding the right sizes in the hands of an expert.

Once the planning and ordering process is complete, Wren carefully constructs the cabinets in its state-of-the-art facilities. Every unit Wren sends out is completely assembled, meaning no flat-pack boxes, confusing assembly instructions or missing screws. To see the assembly process for yourself, there a host of videos going into detail about this on Wren's YouTube page showing the lengths it goes to ensure its products are of the highest quality.

The company also seeks to make sure that customers receive the best experience during the delivery period and help with any queries or questions that arise. As well as being able to log questions and feedback via the website, Wren has a UK call centre with experienced advisers. You can also contact the company via social media, with pages on Twitter, Facebook and a Google Plus page, which is also home to videos of the latest goings on at Wren.
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