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How to Overcome Problems when Selling Your Property

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It is typical that just as you go to prepare your house for market, you find a huge problem that could massively delay the process or cost a fortune to put right. Be it a leaky roof, a damp bedroom or subsidence, problems such as this are the last thing you want to happen at the best of times, let alone when you are trying to make your home as presentable as possible to attract prospective buyers. Luckily for you, we have put a few tips together on how to best deal with such issues.

Subsidence? Be careful when you sell

Nothing strikes fear into householders and insurers like subsidence. Those in the market for a new property are also believed to run a mile at even the slightest whisper of the word, but this may not be as sure a thing as you would think. Estate agents believe that in periods of housing boom, buyers don't seem to care about subsidence, however in a bad housing market, it can knock many thousands off the price. Repair work for subsidence is usually incredibly costly, so think careful before deciding to go ahead with it. It might be worthwhile waiting for the market to pick up again and then selling the house as is. If you really need to sell your house quickly, some companies will happily buy your home, whatever the current condition, for cash in around a week.

Rising damp is no laughing matter

Rising damp is another huge problem for many people buying and selling property. It is usually caused by a breakage in the damp proof course, which in turn allows ground moisture to work its way up into your property, rotting skirting boards and ruining the base of walls as it goes. If you believe you have rising damp, it is recommended that you deal with it quickly, so long as moisture hasn't seeped into the upper part of the walls, rising damp can be combatted by injecting chemicals into the brickwork which form a new damp proof course.

Look closely at your roof

When looking to sell, it is also important you take a close look at your roof. Even if there are no obvious signs of leakage from inside your property, missing tiles and poor flashing can mean that a surveyor could pick up upon an imminent risk. The best thing to do is to either look at the roof yourself or bring in a professional to check it out. If there isn't anything structurally wrong with the roof, smaller repair works are not too expensive. This extra attention to detail could ensure you sell your home for its true value.
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