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Update Your Home for the New Year

Easy tips for a fresh new look

Posted in Home Decorating over 8 years ago, 0 replies

The New Year is a time to throw out your clutter and give your home that face-lift you've been putting off all these months - but where exactly should you start? We've got some inspiring ideas for sprucing up your home, ranging from a bit of simple decoration to more DIY-intensive tasks that'll give your house a whole new look.

1. Revamp your wall art
If you've had the same old pictures hanging from your walls for years, take a tour around some charity shops and see if you can pick up some quirky new pieces. Alternatively, make your own by framing some family photos, maps, or even pieces of leftover wallpaper. Antique (or hand-decorated) plates and bowls also make great decoration for the kitchen.

2. Change up your doors and handles
Doors are an often-overlooked opportunity for decoration, but these functional furnishings can really add some character to a room. Repaint them, sand and polish them or even replace them, or go shopping for some new doorknobs and handles from a store like Ironmongery Direct. Gold and brass handles give a classic, vintage look, whereas plastic and glass are more vibrant and modern.

3. Replace your furniture
A few mismatched, second-hand chairs, lovingly repainted in harmonizing colors, makes a great addition to a breakfast bar or sitting room. You could also give a piece of antique furniture a modern twist with a splash of neon paint, creating an interesting visual contrast between style and color.

4. Clear out
It may be painful to do, but letting go of that old box of LPs or chucking out that pile of magazines you'll never read again will free up more space in your house, giving you more scope to put your design ideas into action. Be ruthless and take the "one year" approach - ie, if something's been sitting in a box for longer than a year, you probably don't need it!

5. Review your lighting
Installing new lighting can be a big job that will require calling in an electrician, but if you have the resources it's a great way to give a whole new appearance to a room. Use accent lighting to emphasize features like fireplaces and standard lamps for a cosy appearance in the living room. Meanwhile, a dimmer switch and bedside lights in the bedroom helps you control the space's illumination.
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Re: Update Your Home for the New Year

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