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Why Updating your Windows is a Must

Upgrade your old windows to save energy, and improve appearance of your home

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With the turn of a New Year, many of you are no doubt thinking about possible home improvements you could implement over the coming twelve months. Repainting the walls, getting a new sofa and re-carpeting the spare room are all usually high on the agenda. However, if you are only going to do one thing this year to your home, we recommend you update your windows, for the following reasons:

Updated Look
From an aesthetic point of view, new windows look so much better than old ones. Whereas many older windows usually come complete with scruffy wooden frames that haven't been painted for years, new windows usually have a PVC frame, meaning that they require next to no maintenance to ensure they stay looking smart, other than the occasional cursory wipe clean of course.

More Energy Efficient
With everyone suffering due to the escalation of energy prices, any way that we can lower the burden is appreciated. Windows more than ten years old are likely to allow draughts in and out, meaning much of the money you are spending on heating the air in your home is likely to be going straight out of the window, and who can afford to throw money out the window at the moment? To counteract this, we recommend you get a double glazing quote, for example from Safestyle UK, and find out how much you could save by upgrading to modern windows. The likelihood is you will be pay for the installation of your new windows with the money saved from your annual energy bills, so it is most definitely worth thinking about!

Eliminate Condensation
Another common problem with older windows is the amount of condensation they produce. This water can also ruin the surrounding sill, so installing new windows is a must if you don't want to damage your paintwork! Energy Star windows are famed for being able to reduce or even completely remove condensation, so keep your eyes peeled when making your choice!

Add Value to Your Home
If you think you may be selling your home in the next few years, it is also recommended that you update your windows. It is a buyer's market, and anything they can use to reduce the price they will. This means that if you have archaic windows in your home, they will try and haggle the asking price of your home down to counteract the extra expense of fitting them themselves.
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