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Top Tips for Smaller Rooms

Posted in Interior Design over 6 years ago, 0 replies

Small bedrooms are a haven in many ways; it's nice to escape to a small space full of your things at the end of the day, and relax away from the stresses of everyday life. However, it can all too easily become more of a landing site when clutter builds up, and you may soon find yourself stepping precariously from the door to the bed, a lifeboat in a sea of clothes and trinkets!

To help you get the most out of a small room, we've put together some tips and tricks to save space and keep that area clean and clutter-free!

The key to keeping your bedroom clear is making sure everything you own has a place. Start by having a ruthless clear-out, and get rid of anything you don't need any more. Don't forget things like DVDs, books and CD's - most of these are available electronically now, so if you haven't picked them up in a while it's time to get rid!

Sometimes just moving furniture around creates more space. Make sure the headboard of the bed is not on the same wall as the door, as this can create an awkward walkway around the room - feng shui experts say you'll also sleep better if your feet point towards the door. Take out chests of drawers and cupboards and replace them with wall-mounted shelving to create more floor space.

Hidden storage is a great way to tuck large things out of the way - a high-up shelf is ideal for linen and things you don't need to grab that often, while utilizing the space under the bed is perfect for out-of-season clothes or bulkier items. For a stylish way to hide items, consider picking up a double ottoman bed with storage built-in.

If you have the budget, redesigning your bedroom can open it up and make it appear larger and airier. We recommend a bright color - white is very minimalist and can be accentuated with almost any other color, while something like a yellow will leave your room looking sunny throughout the year. Pale woodwork and shelving add to this, and give the impression of much more space.

Of course, if you'd rather, you can emphasize the small space for more of a "den" feel. Most interior designers will tell you that one should always open a room out, but when done right a small room can become your own mini-sanctuary. Create a library of books on one wall; use deep, dark wood paneling around the walls, and add plenty of mirrors to create light reflections that bounce around the room to add depth. Place trinkets on every available space and fill your bed up with throws and cushions, and enjoy relaxing in your own designer space!
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